Rivers of Color Suspended in a Transparent Flow.
original modern abstract art painting 0708

The best way to describe my paintings
is to compare them to gemstones. I get
much of my inspiration from jasper,
moss agate and boulder (matrix) opals.
You will see rivers of color suspended
in a transparent flow.

The technique I use to make these
result in paintings that are everything
from eclectic, wild & full of movement
to calm surreal dreams. Some have
described them as topo maps from a
distant colorful planet, and like the
outer reaches of another galaxy.

This series employs a new style of
pour techniques. I have developed a
few tricks & I custom mix my paints,
pigments & varnishes, pouring layer
upon layer, to create one of a kind
works with color & blends unlike
anything else.

From smooth & flowing to bold &
organic these abstracts look great
alone or grouped with others.
original modern abstract art gem nebula
original modern abstract painting art gem 83
modern original abstract painting art gem
Paintings Alive with Vivid Color and Movement
modern original abstract painting art gem opal
Sample Groupings
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